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Prioritize Your Overall Wellness

Your Wellness

Different people have different views on what wellness encompasses. As much as this is the case, there seems to be a general understanding of wellness which looks at it as an optimal state of health. Wellness is positive and affirming, it is multidimensional and encompasses spiritual, lifestyle and mental well-being. It is a conscious, evolving and self-driven process by which an individual is able to achieve full potential.

Wellness and Fitness

Your Wellness and Being Fit and Healthy For a Healthier Lifestyle

Other people may look at it as being free from illness but it is much more than that. The wellness process is dynamic and includes change and growth.

As much as it may be a challenge, an individual should make sure that they maintain an optimal level of wellness all the time. Challenges are always present in the day to day life that will hinder one’s efforts towards achieving wellness. As much as this is the case, one should not give up easily, rather keep trying because at the end of the day, when one achieves wellness the benefits are great.

Wellness is important because everything one does and every emotion one feels affect their well-being. One’s well-being is known to directly affect their emotions and actions. It can be said to be a circle with certain things depending on others. Advantages of wellness are to an individual are;

· They help in subduing stress

· They reduce chances of illnesses

· They help one interact positively.

There are different dimensions of wellness and some of them are;

· Emotional wellness

· Occupational wellness

· Physical wellness

· Environmental wellness

· Social wellness

· Intellectual wellness

· Spiritual wellness

· Financial wellness.

Food and Nutrition

Nutrition is all about food. The body needs certain nutrients for maintenance. There are different categories of nutrients that the body needs and they include; Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and finally water. Nutrition is the process where the body nourishes itself. It does this by converting food nutrients into body tissues and energy. Individuals consume food and liquids, digest and absorb them and the body in turn uses them for growth and good health. The nutrients in the food one takes are what are responsible for all this. An individual is what they eat. Good nutrition is important to ones well-being.

The body needs to grow, maintain itself and reproduce. It cannot do all this in the absence of food. In the hierarchy of needs, food is the first need. It helps individuals stay healthy. The body needs food for survival purposes. The food individuals take on a day to day basis is what keeps them alive and going. As much as people take food for survival, it has always been emphasized that that food should be balanced. One should always ensure that they take a balanced diet. Ones diet should always contain different foods that are able to cater for an individual’s need for various nutrients in different portions.

Every meal one takes should be such that it meets their nutritional requirements. This is what leads to healthy individuals. Food specialists always advice one to make sure that every main meal they take is well balanced for a more energetic and productive day.

The intake of a balanced diet helps the body to achieve a number of things like;

· Build muscles and bones for a healthy body

· Repair and replace the worn out cells in the body

· Ensure all the body’s systems are working

· Keep the body healthy

Fitness and Diet

Fitness was ones considered to be the body’s ability to take on daily tasks with alertness and vigor without it experiencing undue fatigue and with a lot of energy. But with the changes in times, is it now considered as the measure of an individual’s body ability to function effectively and efficiently at work and during leisure times. Fitness also encompasses good health and the ability to resist certain diseases. Fitness is your all round healthy lifestyle and fitness to all things. Fit involves all activities one does from the moment one gets out of bed to the time they go back to bed. For one to be fit, they need to ensure they exercise correct nutrition intake.

An individual’s diet is what helps in keeping them fit. According to nutritionists, a diet is a sum of all the foods an individual consumes. The consumption of the right types of foods in their correct proportions leads to a healthy body.

When it comes to fitness, it has different components. They include;

· Cardiovascular fitness (Efficiency with which the body delivers nutrients and oxygen to the different muscles and then transports waste from the cells over a period of time.)

· Muscle strength (the maximum force a muscle can exert in a single effort)

· Muscle endurance (the ability of a muscle to perform an activity repeatedly)

· Flexibility (the ability to move muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in their normal range without any hindrance, pain or discomfort)

· Body composition (the percentage fat that is in a body compared to the lean body mass)




Supplements can be said to be products which contain a dietary ingredient that are ingested with an intention to add more nutrients to the body. You may also have to differentiate those natural supplements and of those manufactured ones. Natural supplements and its ingredients have with some degree of therapeutic advantages and benefits. And natural fruits and vegetables that has lots of beneficial ingredients that our body needs for our overall wellness.

They are mostly taken to add nutritional value to ones diet. The product may be one or a combination of different substances like vitamins, a herb or other botanical, a mineral, an amino acid, a concentrate, constitute, an extract or a metabolite.

The above come in many forms such as capsules, tablets, gel caps, liquids, soft gels or powders. They ensure that one gets an adequate diet intake with the required essential nutrients. Supplements have been around for a very long time and their intake has seen to help the body in different ways.

It should however be noted that the intake of supplements will not help in diagnosing a disease, cure a disease, treat a disease or prevent a disease. They are purely for supplementary purposes and what they do is supplement and individual’s diet with some of the nutrients it lacks. They are an important part of a balanced and healthy diet because their intake helps the body towards achieving a strong and healthy body.